Ask Pelosi about Impeachment at Official Netroots Nation Site

Ask Nancy Pelosi about impeachment at Netroots Nation 2008 in Austin

Ask The Speaker!
Welcome to the Netroots Nation question submission page for the Saturday morning (July 19, 9:00am) keynote session “Ask The Speaker.” The event empowers citizens to engage America’s current House Speaker in substantive discussion about current issues, the legislative process, and how citizens can participate in their government. Instead of simply giving a speech at a podium, Speaker Pelosi will be taking your questions and interacting with convention attendees. The 9 a.m. keynote will be moderated by Gina Cooper, Netroots Nation’s Executive Director, and Jeffrey Feldman, author and blogger. But it all begins right now, right here, when you submit your questions and vote on questions submitted by others.

Want to ask the Speaker a question? Our time with the Speaker will be brief, so to make the most of it we have created a system for gathering as many questions as possible from across the netroots. Want to submit a question? Here’s what you do:

Let the Netroots know you care about IMPEACHMENT


3 Responses to “Ask Pelosi about Impeachment at Official Netroots Nation Site”

  1. impeachmentwatch Says:


    This post has been picked up at PFF in a diary titled Ask Pelosi about Impeachment at Netroots Nation

  2. impeachmentwatch Says:

    Made the recommeded at dharmablog too

    Ask Pelosi about Impeachment at Netroots Nation

  3. Nancy, are you finally waking up to your responsibility as a Congressional leader to take action against the criminals ensconced in the White House? They are destroying this country slice by “premeditated” slice and you are more responsible than any one person to call attention to this terrible turn of events.
    You can either go down in history as a Hero or as a Villain the choice is clearly up to you.

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