Nancy Pelosi’s Table

Nancy Pelosi needs to fucking put something on the table. Anything.


5 Responses to “Nancy Pelosi’s Table”

  1. Impeach Pelosi for doing nothing.
    She must either impeach George Bush, or apologize to Richard Nixon.

  2. Colleen Fallon Says:

    Get a life or why don’t you put something on the table other than your limited language. It’s pretty hard to deal with a do nothing President.

  3. impeachmentwatch Says:

    Co-dependent Enabler

  4. If we’re reeeeally listenin’, Pelosi is merely saying she sees herself as a politician before being an American citizen. Real Americans can see there’s only 2 parties reigning in DC; the Political Party and the Globalists/Internationalists Party. Fancy Nancy belong to both those parties. We need a We the People Party. The closest thing we have to this is the Libertarian Party.

  5. Ann American Says:

    Can WE, THE PEOPLE, who Nancy Pelosi has attacked with various
    insults and insinuations re: our right and indeed our duty, to speak
    out when we perceive something is amiss in Washington, D. C.
    She has been far more insulting, with many more vicious attacks
    than her current target, Rep. Wilson.
    Nancy Pelosi needs to issue a public apology via her current
    bully pulpit so freely offered from the “Lame Street Media”,
    that allows her vitriol to fly at every opportunity.
    This current crop of Democrats, if there are those among
    them who value our country, need to deman accountability
    from the top of their leadership and on down. The people
    are demanding it and not being heard. They will hear
    in 2010!

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