Hey Nancy…..BAIL ME OUT!!!!

Hey Nancy…..BAIL ME OUT!!!!

Congress is working with the President to fund the largest corporate bail out in U.S. history. Every tax payer in this country must be wondering “Where is my bail out?” Don’t we all have debt? Shouldn’t our representatives be looking out for our interests instead of their corporate conspirators? Shouldn’t Nancy Pelosi be standing up for us? Let’s ask Nancy Pelosi for a bail out and send her our debts. Go here and and tell us about you and your estimated Debt then Cindy for Congress will send Nancy the bill.


2 Responses to “Hey Nancy…..BAIL ME OUT!!!!”

  1. I hope Sheehan gives Pelosi hell on the bailout.

  2. Do they really know how bad it really is? While they are bailing out large companies, the little people are hurting. My income has declined so bad that I’m worried that I will be homeless tomorrow. I only have 1 income now because of a job loss and my mortage company is really wanting their money. So bad that they are even harassing my relatives. I can not afford a phone so bother them with 10 calls a day. It is state law that you have to have car insurance, but you can not afford it much less the gas that you have to put in that car. And forget about eating you have to pay what bills that you can. My power bill has gone up 13% since January. We are taxed on everything we eat, drink, Gas, god forbid that you smoke cigarettes, everything you have to have to live is taxed, including your wages. I try to keep the life insurance I pay each month because all this tax is going to kill me. Don’t forget the antidepressants that you are on because you can not find a job and pay your bills. By the way, health insurance is non-existent because you can not afford that either. What is going to happen to this country. You can not afford a car payment even though you have to have that car just to get to work. This is pathetic. And to think, there are alot of people worse off than I am. I don’t know what to do. There are drug companies that may help you with your medications, if you qualify. There are mortage companies that say they can help you, but they really can’t. There are groups that are supposed to help you with your mortage companies (so called advocates) but they only really only help 1% of all people in trouble with mortage. Community service programs are out of money. Forget about food stamps, you want qualify if you are not on welfare. So why not bail out the citizens who work and pay out all this money to keep this nation going instead of all the banks and car companies. No body can afford cars anyway. Give it to the people who will use it to buy cars and pay off houses that will in turn help car companies and banks and maybe make our lives a little more bearable. Maybe people can afford health care and pay hospital bills owed. Let the people boost the economy. So what if they buy a pair of shoes, they probably need them. As it is now they can not afford them or anything else they need.

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