Digg Dialogg: Nancy Pelosi

Digg is introducing Digg Dialogg, where we take your questions and present them in front of notable people, newsmakers & the like. We’re kicking this off by interviewing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Weds, August 27th live from the Democratic National Convention, and are taking questions until 11:59pm August 26th. Submit your questions today!


One Response to “Digg Dialogg: Nancy Pelosi”

  1. Please ask Ms Pelosi how she can be concerned about Healthcare for the nation, and what failsaafe legislation is included to prevent politicians from deep pockets related to the Healthcare bill, when she spends hundreds of thousands of dollars having the US Military shuffle her and her friends from DC to San Francisco, while the taxpayers foot the bill for her extravangance? She is beyond Appaling!!!!!!!

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