Code Pink Disrupts Pelosi at Netroots Nation

From the Washington Times:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi faced a tough crowd as the morning guest of the Netroots Nation gathering.

 Organizers warned any disruptions would come with consequences as Code Pink protesters donned costumes to make their point. They paced back and forth as Pelosi spoke.

 But Netroots executive director Gina Cooper said she didn’t want to be a “tyrant,” and before the speaker took the stage she asked for everyone to get their heckling out of their system.

 “We need for this event to go without a hitch,” she said. “You’ve got 10 seconds. Say what you have got to say.”

 The crowd obliged, with some grumbling and shouts of “No more war.”

 But while she spoke, it was a mostly friendly reception as she took questions on impeachment, the eavesdropping bill and war funding.


 Some protesters silently held up copies of the Constitution while she spoke.


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