Are ACLU, EFF protesting Pelosi at Netroots Nation?

Socratic Gadfly:

Nancy Pelosi, the infamous Passive Pelosi™ herself, is at the formerly styled Yearly Kos, now known as Netroots Nation, taking place in Austin July 17-20 at the Austin Convention Center. Obama has been invited; no word if he will show up.

Question: will folks like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and ACLU be there to protest?

Even though the ACLU is filing a FISA lawsuit, I never heard anything in advance from the ACLU of Texas, if it was going to stand up for ACLU traditions and at least have a news conference, if not a protest.

If the ACLU of Texas gives me any info, I’ll let you know.

If you want to shame it for not protesting, give them an e-mail.


2 Responses to “Are ACLU, EFF protesting Pelosi at Netroots Nation?”

  1. goodtimepolitics Says:

    Obama, Pelosi and many of the democratic party has lied to their supporters and still expect them to vote for them! Sick sick people! Obama could no way love it country and listen to Jeremiah Wright say “God damn America” for 20 years!

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