Pelosi’s Failed First Term

As the end of Nancy Pelosi’s first term as House Speaker approaches, there is little doubt that her piers will reelect her to that position when the 111th congress convenes in 2009. Pelosi is incredibly fortunate that it’s her fellow Democrats and not the American people who decide whether she deserves another term, because at this point she has failed to deliver on any of the major promises that her party made to the voters who put her in power.

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2 Responses to “Pelosi’s Failed First Term”

  1. Pelosi has succeeded in many of her goals.

    – Continuing the Iraq War and increasing funding

    – Sabotaging ENDA

    – Blocking Impeachment

    – Giving corrupt Bush regime officials a free pass

    – Passing legislation attempting to legalize unconstitutional spying on political dissidents

  2. Joe Yankee Says:

    I second that emotion.

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