Rahm “My Daddy was a Terrorist” Emanuel Wants Nancy Pelosi’s Job

Couldnt be worse than Pelosi and his ties to AIPAC are just as strong. Might as well have someone who openly is looking out for the interests of a country aside from the US. Maybe Rahm would give up his duel citizenship and at least pretend.

Send Pelosi packing Donkles!

From Politico:

Before he was mentioned as a possible Senate successor to Barack Obama, before he helped lead the Democrats back to power in the House, before he was even elected to his first term as the congressman from the North Side of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel was telling friends that he had one goal in life: to become the first Jewish speaker of the House.

But the private consensus among Democratic members, even among those who count themselves as critics, is that Emanuel is on the path to the speaker’s chair. Emanuel will have to do some fence-mending to get there, especially with some black and Hispanic Democrats he has offended over the years. But that obstacle is not seen as insurmountable for someone who, as chairman of the DCCC, gets the lion’s share of the credit for ending the GOP’s control of the House after 12 years


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