Pelosi Poses for Harpers


Here’s what we learned from the article:


Her beauty regimen: “It’s getting less and less because I don’t have time. Since I was in my 20s, I’ve been giving my face 30 hot splashes in the morning and at night, and I keep thinking, ‘If it’s 25, oh my gosh, I’m going to fall apart.’”

Her indulgence? The salon in the Four Seasons. “They open at 7:00a.m. if they didn’t I would be a mess.”

She goes to 2-3 breakfasts a day and she doesn’t have a nightlife she says. You never know when votes will be!

She also admits wants to get some pretty clothes for the convention.

“Endless” is the response to “how many pantsuits to you have” and she prefers heels.

And, “Fashion and all that it implies—hair, makeup—is an art form. If you look organized and well presented, people think you’re organized in your mind and you take pride in yourself. And besides, it’s fun. Isn’t it fun?”


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