Replace Nancy Pelosi

Rising Hegmon has this:

With Cindy Sheehan, that is... check out here position on many issues.  I really wish she was the Speaker of the House right now… just look at some of her positions:

*Restore Workers’ Rights to Organize & Bargain Collectively/Repeal Taft-Hartley, Restore the Right to Strike Repeal All “Free Trade” Agreements

*For Single-Payer Healthcare and Affordable Housing

* We should bring our troops home from all countries where our troops are deployed to promote occupation, corporate greed and empire.

* No Child Left Behind — a Democratic as well as Republican plan — should be repealed, and teachers, schools and school districts should be free to respond to the needs of their classrooms and communities and not be limited to teaching to stringent performance-based tests in order to receive federal money.

* Deregulation of airlines, telecommunications, media, energy, banking, insurance and other industries has created a dangerous and unhealthy environment for working people and for our entire society. The deregulation of these industries has allowed the corporate profiteers to destroy proper oversight and health and safety regulations.

* The deregulation of the media and telecommunications industry has not only cost hundreds of thousands of jobs, it has intensified the monopolization of the media. The media conglomerates (Fox, Murdock, Clear Channel and others) are able to manipulate the media and destroy local programming. This has prevented the public from getting independent news and information, particularly on the effects of deregulation, privatization and war.

* I will oppose multiple ownership of newspaper, cable, broadcast, internet and all other media operations.

* I also support federal funding for public labor-community broadcast and internet systems, including Wi-fi and other technologies, to allow the use of these new communication technologies for all working people, especially for low-income workers.

* I support the U.S. Postal System and oppose all efforts to privatize it through contracting-out operations, including joint ventures with private corporations. I will support Congressional investigations, with managers and workers placed under oath, to examine the health and safety conditions in the USPS that have led to the “going postal” incidents across the country, including in San Francisco.

* I support legislation making it illegal to force workers into jobs with independent contractors in which employers such as FedEx use the “independent contractor” status to prevent unionization and to transfer the costs of unemployment, social security and workers’ compensation to the individual worker.

*  For a National Energy System, For a Mass Transit System

I could go on… but do check her out and support her.


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