Nancy Pelosi Wants to Shut Down Member Blogging

Redstate has more:


We’ve had the pleasure to host many Representatives here at RedState, where they’ve written about issues that interest us all. But that may all be about to change if Nancy Pelosi has her way.

Via Congressman John Culberson’s (R-TX) twitter feed, we learned today of an incredible threat to Congressional activity on the internet.

johnculberson: Before I could post a Tweet I would have to get approval of the twits that run the House! 25 minutes ago from webjohnculberson: They want to require prior approval of all posts to any public social media/internet/www site by any member of Congress!!! 26 minutes ago from web

johnculberson: Dem “Supreme Soviet” leadership of House would have to approve every Twitter before I could post it!!! 26 minutes ago from web

johnculberson: I just learned the Dems are trying to censor Congressmen’s ability to use Twitter Qik YouTube Utterz etc – outrageous and I will fight them about 3 hours ago from TwitterBerry




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