Ask Pelosi about Contempt at Netroots Nation

After Downing Street is reporting that Pelosi is trying to block contempt for Rove. She has taken contempt off the table. You know its because contempt will lead to impeachment.

I have firm confirmation that Nancy Pelosi is urging the Judiciary committee NOT to go forward with contempt against Rove.

Congressman John Conyers and the Judiciary staff are battling for it but this has become an infight among dems.

Time to burn up the phone lines.

800-828-0498, 800-459-1887 or 800-614-2803 toll free to congressional switchboard

PLEASE CALL. House Judiciary Committee:

Here are the direct phone #’s of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee.

They’re all democrats, and they’re all congressmen:

All their phone numbers begin with 202, next three digits are 225. I will list only the last four digits, to save time:

John Conyers, Michigan – 1-202-225-5126

Howard Berman, California – 4695

Rick Boucher, Virginia – 3861

Jerrold Nadler, New York – 5635

Bobby Scott, Virginia – 8351

Melvin Watt, North Carolina – 1510

Zoe Lofgren, California – 3072

Sheila Jackson, Texas – 3816

Maxine Waters, California – 2201

Bill Delahunt, Massachusetts – 3111

Robert Wexler, Florida – 3001

Linda Sanchez, California – 6676

Steve Cohen, Tennessee – 3265

Hank Johnson, Georgia – 1605

Betty Sutton, Ohio – 3401

Luis Gutierrez, Illinois – 8203

Brad Sherman, California – 5911

Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin – 2906

Anthony Weiner, New York – 6616

Adam Schiff, California – 4176

Artur Davis, Alabama – 2665

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida – 7931

Keith Ellison, Minnesota – 4755

* Websites and other contact information


Hon. John Conyers, Jr.
(D) Michigan, 14th
Hon. Berman
(D) California, 28th

Hon. Boucher
(D) Virginia, 9th

Hon. Nadler
(D) New York, 8th

Hon. Scott
(D) Virginia, 3rd

Hon. Watt
(D) North Carolina, 12th

Hon. Lofgren
(D) California, 16th

Hon. Jackson Lee
(D) Texas, 18th

Hon. Waters
(D) California, 35th

Hon. Delahunt
(D) Massachusetts, 10th

Hon. Wexler
(D) Florida, 19th

Hon. Sánchez
(D) California, 39th

Hon. Cohen
(D) Tennessee, 9th

Hon. Johnson
(D) Georgia, 4th

Hon. Sutton
(D) Ohio, 13th

Hon. Gutierrez
(D) Illinois, 4th

Hon. Sherman
(D) California, 27

Hon. Baldwin
(D) Wisconsin, 2nd

Hon. Weiner
(D) New York, 9th

Hon. Schiff
(D) California, 29th

Hon. Davis
(D) Alabama , 7th

Hon. Wasserman Schultz
(D) Florida, 20th

Hon. Ellison
(D) Minnesota, 5th

Ask Pelosi about contempt at Netroots Nation. Ask Pelosi about Impeachment at Netroots Nation. Ask Pelosi why she is protecting Bush and Cheney


One Response to “Ask Pelosi about Contempt at Netroots Nation”

  1. suppose Says:

    The above list is kind of a Hall-of-Fame of Marxists in House of Representatives.

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