Nancy Pelosi to attend Netroots Nation but will she address Impeachment

It has been announced that Pelosi will attend Netroots Nation. The Netroots Nutcases seem to think Pelosi is some kind of leader or something and not a complete failure and embarressment to the democratic party. She does have more balls than Harry Reid though

One of Netroots Nation’s goals is to facilitate in-person interaction between our political leaders and the progressive community.

So we’re thrilled to announce that Speaker Nancy Pelosi will join us in Austin for a Saturday morning keynote session: “Ask the Speaker.”

This won’t just be any keynote. Speaker Pelosi wants to hear from you. Instead of simply giving a speech at a podium, the Speaker will be taking your questions and interacting with convention attendees.

The event empowers citizens to engage America’s current House leader in substantive discussion about current issues, the legislative process, and how citizens can participate in their government.

The 9 a.m. keynote will be moderated by Gina Cooper, Netroots Nation’s Executive Director.

Pelosi led the charge to put Democrats back in power, and as the first female Speaker of the House, Pelosi stands as a role model for women and girls across the country.


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